Heating & Cooling 2 in 1 Eye Mask
Heating & Cooling 2 in 1 Eye Mask

Heating & Cooling 2 in 1 Eye Mask

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Product information:

Material quality: cotton cloth
Voltage: 5V
Heating temperature: 35-50℃ (room temperature 20℃)
Accessories: USB timing temperature control line
[Suitable for the crowd]
1. A good partner for children with fatigue of eyesight!
2. A good partner for office workers!
3. Suitable for people with dark circles, DryEyes,  Puffy eyes, lack of sleep, and fatigue of eyesight!
4. Suitable for reading, writing, leisure, vacation and other occasions, easy to carry!
5. Suitable for nap, lunch break, and holiday nap!
6. It is suitable for matching with eye mask jacket, which can be used at any time, can replace various fragrances, and is convenient to carry!
a. Heating inner tank structure, after the voltage changes to volts, low voltage protection
b. Stable and rapid temperature rise, reaching the compress temperature in three minutes
c. Fits the eye sockets, the heating surface dissipates heat evenly, and the hot compress has a wide coverage area, giving a comfortable experience
d. Ice bag accessories, put in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes, can be iced, 2-8 degrees is appropriate. The ice pack can also be soaked in warm water for 5 minutes. Take it out and place it in the interlayer. It also has a hot compress effect. 70°C warm water is better.
d. Four-speed temperature control regulator, temperature can be selected freely, four-speed timing hot compress, low-voltage transformer protection
e. Help mian lavender flower bag, with hot compress, it can make a SPA for the eyes, so as to relieve fatigue and relax the body and mind.

Size information:

Product size: 20.7*8*0.6CM

Packing list :
Eye mask*1, heating liner*1, borneol*1, temperature control line*1, lavender flower bag*1, spray bottle*1, earplugs*1 pair, instruction manual*1

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